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Howgill Family Centre

Our Values

Howgill Family Centre was established “to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the inhabitants of Whitehaven and area, including the advancement of education and the provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation, in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of the said inhabitants” (Memorandum & Articles of Association).


Howgill’s Mission:

Howgill Family Centre works to improve the lives of children, families and their communities in North Copeland.



  • Howgill provides distinctive services to children and families, based on trusting relationships.  Howgill’s services are accessible and care is taken to include the most disadvantaged. We specialise in providing early help and emphasize prevention. We develop innovative approaches to  family support.


  • Howgill is committed to people’s growth and development. By increasing aspirations and expectations service users, parents, carers, children, volunteers and employees are encouraged to learn and progress towards fulfilling their potential. We aim to build the capacity and resilience of local communities.


  • Howgill’s approach is collaborative. Families are at the centre of what we do and we have high expectations of the adults in the relationship. There is a recognition that people with whom we work have responsibilities too – to act safely and responsibly. Howgill works in constructive partnerships with a very wide range of organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors.


  • Howgill aims to foster greater independence and resilience. We believe people can address the issues they face – recognising that they may need support in the forms of information, skills and confidence to enable them to do so. We will enable people, when they are ready, to move beyond the point where Howgill’s support is required. Former service users are encouraged to become volunteers, sponsors and patrons.